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Mail Order Service Available thru Game Realms during COVID Lockdown!

Available only in the USA!

Please read carefully below for details and procedures:

Our store carries new and used video games and consoles, as well as gaming themed merchandise! Our inventory ranges from retro to current era, including Nintendo consoles (NES to Switch), portables (Game Boy to 3DS), PlayStation 1 to PS4, X-Box Classic to X-Box One, Sega Genesis to DreamCast. We have some supply of 3DO, Turbo Grafx, Saturn and Sega CD as well! We carry gaming merch, including pins, mugs, plushies and figurines, art books, vinyl gaming soundtracks & more!

We apologize, but we are unable to provide an inventory list online due to technical difficulties. Please feel free to contact us with any inquiries. We are also providing a walk-thru video, shot on April 11th 2020, to provide a visual survey of our current inventory.

Please check our YouTube Channel at:

To order from us, please email us your name and shipping address. Please provide a phone number if you are planning to pay with a credit card. We will also be providing invoicing through PayPal.

Email us with the above information, along with a list of games, consoles and merchandise you are interested in, along with the subject line:
[ Mail Order Purchase at Game Realms - COVID-19 ]

Orders and inquiries will be processed within three business days.

Please contact us via email for any questions about pricing and availability. California state taxes apply for local residents. Shipping and handling fees may vary depending on weight of shipment and destination. Please note that current shipping rates may change and fluctuate due to the on-going COVID-19 virus situation.

Please read our warranty policies & more here:




When Buying From Us:

Please have a form of valid government issued ID ready when making a credit card purchase. ID indicating date of birth may also be requested for any persons wishing to purchase/rent time with any M-rated or otherwise mature products; non-government issued IDs (such as school issued ID) are acceptable in this instance.

Game Realms does not warranty any online components. Any merchandise requiring internet access (esp. “online only” games) are presumed to be for collector’s purposes only. Download codes included in secondhand titles are not guaranteed, and any included in new titles are warrantied by manufacturer only.

We warranty new and used games for 30 days against defects from the original date of purchase, and guarantee all titles will load up and play, excepting titles requiring an online connection and anything stated to be without warranty at the time of purchase.

New systems are warrantied by their respective manufacturer only, and Game Realms is unable to take or process any returns for such merchandise, regardless of the nature of the problem.

Used systems and accessories are warrantied for 14 days against defects from the date of the original purchase. New accessories are warrantied for 30 days, unless stated otherwise; new systems are warrantied by their respective manufacturers, and Game Realms cannot take returns on defective consoles.

New merchandise may be returned, unopened, within 30 days of the original purchase date for a full refund or store credit. Any evidence of tampering or damage to the original packaging will void this option.

 Game Realms requires the original receipt for any returns and disputes.


When Selling to Us (General Rules):

We stop accepting systems, accessories and large quantities of games (approx. 5 or more items) one hour before closing; exceptions may be made at manager’s discretion.

We stop accepting all items for purchase an hour and a half before closing. On certain days where there are special events like tournaments or private events, we may stop buyback purchases even earlier. Please call the store number to double check our schedule or check our event calendar for more information about upcoming events.

A valid government issued passport or U.S./Canadian/Mexican ID is required when selling to Game Realms. Sellers must be at least 18 years old, and must themselves own or have permission to sell any merchandise they bring in. If any indication is given by the seller or any persons associated with them—EVEN AS A JOKE—that the merchandise is stolen or is being sold without permission, then Game Realms is obligated to terminate the transaction.

Please be certain you want to sell when you hand your merchandise over. Any consoles being sold will be subject to a $15 testing fee if the seller changes their mind during or after the testing process.

Consoles with superficial damage (scratching or chipped cases) will be bought and sold at a reduced rate. Any items with exposed wiring or circuitry cannot be purchased owing to safety concerns.

We cannot purchase any items that have been permanently defaced or vandalized from their original manufactured condition. This includes, but is not limited to: names/logos cut or branded into cartridge casing, corporate stickers adhered over original paper labels, as well as any stickers adhered to the label side of a game disc.

We do not buy sealed copies of recently released games without a receipt verifying their original place of purchase. We do not buy multiple copies of recently released titles for the same console without verification of how these items were legally obtained. Sealed and/or multiple copies of older/out of print titles are acceptable, pending manager’s approval.

Collector’s edition packages for any game are expected to be complete. Game Realms reserves the right to decline to purchase such sets, or purchase at a reduced rate, based on the absence of any components to these sets.

All merchandise is accepted to be purchased within the same business day; Game Realms is not responsible for any customer property left in the store overnight.


When Selling Cartridges/HU/Sega Card, Please Note:

All cartridge-based and HU/Sega Card games are priced per cart/card only. Game Realms will buy and sell complete and partially complete items at a higher rate based on their relative value.

Game Realms reserves the right to open cartridges in order to verify their authenticity, as well as check for corrosion or damage. Select NeoGeo titles will be bought by appointment only, following their verification by our expert.

Cartridge based games with dead save batteries will be purchased by the store at half value, owing to the cost and labor involved in replacing them.


When Selling Disc-based Games, Please Note:

All CD, UMD and Chip based games are assumed to be complete when selling. Select titles may be bought and sold by Game Realms based on their relative value and demand.

CD and UMD based games will be graded A, B or C based on the condition of the disc, with A being assumed to be excellent to perfect condition, B indicating good condition with some scratching, and C indicating a disc whose condition is rough, but still playable. Deductions will be made based on B, C or other graded merchandise.

Blu-ray and other disc types with protective surfaces will be graded more harshly than CD and DVD based games.

Games whose content requires multiple discs will be collectively graded based on which disc is the most damaged; i.e., a 3-disc title whose first two discs are grade A, but whose third disc is grade B, will be graded as a B overall.

Mail Order Policy


PLEASE NOTE: The following policies, as well as the language defining them, should be regarded as subject to change as we work toward refining them. Thank you for your patience.

Returns for Mail Order

Items purchased through Game Realms mail order may be returned and refunded within the 30-day warranty period, minus at 15% restocking fee. Please visit our main policy page for further details regarding our standard warranty.

Any items purchased as ‘New’ or ‘Unopened’ must be sent back untampered, in their original shrink-wrap, while any ‘Used’ titles must be returned in the same salable condition in which they were sent. Any returns and refunds are subject to manager’s approval, pending on the condition of the item or items.

We do not accept returns for ‘New’ or ‘Unopened’ items once they have been opened. Please note that ‘Unopened’ games may sometimes include review copies that have entered circulation with a hole punched in or under the label—condition will be disclosed at time of purchase.

Used titles ordered will include a packing slip denoting their condition. The information bullet-pointed is not exhaustive, but will assess the basic condition of the items sent. Any details overlooked or omitted during the packing process are not grounds for a full refund, but may be considered during any disputes.

Customer is responsible for any fees for return shipping, excluding warranties. Please see our main policy page for standard warranty details.

Order Processing

Our mail order department is currently accepting phone-in orders during Monday through Saturday, 1:30 pm to 7:00 pm PST. Department hours may fluctuate based on holidays and other store events—please keep an eye on our social media for any postings that may affect our availability.

All orders placed will be shipped out on the next available business day.

NOTE: We are currently only offering mail order shipping to USA customers. We hope to offer international shipping in the future!

Shipping Rate

Shipping rates are determine by weight & location, so rates start at least $9 for a single game title, with a $1 fee for each additional game. This rate applies to general releases only, from cartridges (NES, Genesis, etc.) to disc-based titles (PlayStation 1-4, X-Box, etc.).

Shipping rates for Collector’s Editions and other titles which are larger/heavier will be subject to higher shipping rates, to be determined at time of order and subjective based on the items being purchased.

Limited Run Games for Mail Order

Recent Limited Run Games Titles cannot be made available for mail order & online sales from Game Realms until 6 months after we receive our stock, as per our agreement with the publisher.

To see the list of available Limited Run Games, please click this Google Drive Link:

Please make sure to select the tabs at the bottom of the Google Sheet to change listings to the console version  of your choice. 

The list will be periodically updated with new available titles, so please check back from time to time! 

NOTE: We are currently only offering mail order shipping to USA customers. We hope to offer international shipping in the future!



Rules and Code of Conduct for Autograph Signing Events at Game Realms

- Absolutely no weapons, alcohol, or narcotics are allowed in or on the premises. Smoking is not allowed in or on the premises.

- Cameras are allowed during the event. Please be considerate to the guests and other attendees when filming, recording or photographing and ask for permission first. Feel free to share your photos & videos on social media and tag Game Realms!

Attendee Line Conduct

- All attendees must line up where directed and are expected to behave in an orderly fashion. Please be considerate of other attendees, as well as Game Realms customers and staff.

- Commonsense rules of public behavior—including personal interactions—must be respected. All attendees are expected to show basic common courtesies, included respect for the private property of others.

- Early arrivals are requested to not line up outside the premises any sooner than an hour before Game Realms’ opening hours. Any persons lining up the night before do so at their own risk and without permission from Game Realms, owing to safety and security reasons. Any persons who lose their place in line owing to these actions are not guaranteed attendance.

- Deliberate harassment and other offensive behavior will not be tolerated. Any persons engaging in such actions, or otherwise illegal behavior, will be asked to leave.

Event Guest Rules of Engagement

- For the safety of our Event Guests, all attendees must be prepared to surrender any bags at check-in at the front of the line. Attendees may only approach event guests with any materials they wish to have signed, as well as any personal effects that do not violate the event’s Rules and Code of Conduct.

- Attendees who surrender their bag at check-in will be given a number card corresponding to the space where their property will be stowed. “Bag” includes, but is not limited to: tote bags, backpacks, purses, messenger bags, etc. Items surrendered will be returned when attendee exits the designated event area and returns the number card to a Game Realms staffer at check-in.

- Please exercise restraint with the number of items you wish to have signed. While there is no set limit prior to the event, a limit of two-items-per-attendee may be implemented if the line becomes too long. All attendees are free to line up again for additional autographs, within the time frame of the event, but are requested to give priority to newer/later arrivals.

- Please have any questions for the Event Guests prepared before approaching them, and avoid any queries that are overlong or would require lengthy answers. All attendees are asked to be mindful of the amount of time they spend engaging with the Event Guests, as a courtesy for those who are waiting their respective turns.

- Attendees may be asked to hurry along or conclude their engagement with Event Guests if they are deemed to be taking too long. Such assessments are drawn with consideration to the event time remaining, as well as the number of attendees waiting their turn.

Event Guest Autograph Notes

- Fan-made items are permitted, at the Event Guest’s discretion. Please remember that Game Realms is a family-friendly store, and any merchandise must be deemed appropriate for a public space.

- As a reminder, Event Guests have often worked on many games, but not necessarily every game in a series, or even every version of any given game.

Example: Persona 4’s character, Chie Satonaka, is voiced by Tracey Rooney in the PlayStation 2 original release, but by Erin Fitzgerald in the PlayStation Vita re-release of the same game, owing to content changes and new content in that version.

Attendees are asked to research any items they wish signed prior to the event to avoid any mix-ups, misunderstandings, or otherwise awkward situations.

- Event Guests have the right to refuse to sign any items, at their own discretion.

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