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Come visit the gaming room at Game Realms!! 

We got various video game consoles from different eras set up, from classic systems like NES to newer ones like Playstation 4! The room is located in the back of the store pass the salesfloor area.

All games that are featured in the systems by default are free to play!

You can also rent time on the game systems to play a game of your choice.

Below are the rental rates for playing:


1st Player

2nd Player

30 Mins



1 Hour



2 Hours



4 Hours



Controller Rental



You can rent our gaming room and our outdoors courtyard to hold your own private party, be it a gaming one or a birthday one or anything you like!

Please email us or call and ask for our managers at Game Realms to discuss scheduling your party!

If you are emailing us, please be sure to include name and contact phone number so we can reach you!

Phone: 818-841-1545

(For coporate & company party rates, please contact management at Game Realms for rates info.)

Rental Rates for private parties:

- The first 2 hours to rent for a party for the gaming room alone is $300.

- If the customer wishes to include the courtyard space for their party, then its an extra $100 on top of the gaming room rate of $300.

- After 2 hours, the rate is $100 for every extra hour for the gaming room, and $50 for every extra hour for the courtyard space.


-Rental fee does not apply towards game installation time/updates. Customer will be called when their rental is available.

-No food or open-lid beverages allowed in the gaming room.

-Please treat our equipment with care. Any deliberate damage caused to Game Realms equipment may result in the customer being charged the full retail value of that equipment.

-A standard controller is provided at no additional cost with the 2nd player rental fee, provided one is available. Any specialty controllers (i.e., arcade sticks) may be rented for use for an additional fee.

-Any controller rentals require valid photo ID, to be held at the front counter during the rental period. ID cards will be returned once the rented equipment is collected.

-Rental fees may be applied towards the purchase of any title the customer has rented, during or after the rental period. This discount is not applicable to any games the customer did not rent at that time.

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